Golden Elite’s limited, non-transferable 25-year residential and 5-year light commercial warranty begins from the date of purchase, and covers only the original purchaser, for twenty-five (25) years in dry, residential areas and five (5) years in dry, light commercial spaces. Be sure to thoroughly read all articles and conditions pertaining to the warranty, its application and coverage.

NOTE: This warranty will be null & void if this product is installed with obvious visual defects. Should a defect be found in the flooring before installation, it is the installer’s responsibility to immediately stop and directly contact Golden Elite for further instructions and assistance before installation. Installation of a defective product implies acceptance of its condition and will void your warranty. Improper installation and maintenance of this product will void the warranty. No warranty will be offered for appearance related claims once the product has been installed.

Golden Elite warrants that this product in its original manufactured condition is free from defect in material, workmanship, and grading. The finish and wear guarantee warrants that, the original purchaser will not have problems with the finish peeling off or wearing through, from the date of purchase.

The manufacturer’s warranty extends to the value of the product purchased and does not include labor or installation costs. Your warranty (replacement or refund) is pro-rated based on the expired life of the warranty.

Information About Warranty Coverage

This warranty does not cover damages or failure(s) attributed to or resulting from:

  • Natural disasters (fire, flooding etc).
  • Improper storage, handling, or installation of the product.
  • Excessive or inadequate levels of humidity in area of installation (relative humidity should be kept between 35% and 50%).
  • Improper handling through shipping companies. This responsibility lies solely with the shipper; such claims must be forwarded directly to them.
  • Dents, scratches, or abuse to the floor.
  • Abuse, lack of maintenance, neglect, abnormal use or misuse, corrosive chemicals, burns or any other usage not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Warping, chipping, bridging due to water and moisture damage or incorrect installation.
  • Failure due to structural changes in the sub-floor, settling of the building or uneven subfloors that have not been properly leveled.
  • Exposure to water or abrasive cleaning products.
  • Installation of flooring with visual defects.
  • Surface scratches & minor wear and tear from everyday usage.

This warranty applies to Golden Elite Vanities & bathroom furnishing products (medicine cabinets, linen cabinets, mirrors, and accessories) installed for residential use only. Vanities installed in accordance to recognized plumbing codes of practice and which do not breach the warranty coverage shall be guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects for a period of one (1) year. Bathroom furnishing which do not breach coverage and follow proper installation instructions shall also be guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects for a period of one (1) year. This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser and the original installation site.

We guarantee your satisfaction with each Golden Elite product. Should any vanity or bathroom furnishing item not meet you satisfaction due to a visual defect, return it to the retailer with its original packaging intact, prior to installation.

NOTE: Installation of any item automatically deems its acceptance.

Information About Warranty Coverage

This warranty does not cover damages or failure(s) attributed to or resulting from:

  • Installation of obvious or apparent visual defects of vanities or bathroom furnishings.
  • Improper installation which does not comply strictly with the installation instructions set forth by Golden Elite.
  • Improper maintenance care.
  • Any accidents, be they incidental or natural, severe, or otherwise (e.g. fire, dropped by contractor, scratched, or otherwise damaged while moved on location).
  • Flooding or water from leaking pipes, faucets, household appliances, etc. up to and including flooding and any damage caused by natural disasters. You should contact your Home Insurer for any damages caused by natural disaster.
  • Shipping: Any damages incurred due to delivery services mishandling should be handled with the forwarder that delivered the vanity, no later than seven (7) days of the item being delivered. If you don not have this information, please contact the Retailer or Golden Elite promptly for further assistance.

NOTE: Any manufacturer defect(s) found in a Golden Elite vanity or bathroom furnishings product must be reported to Customer Service no later than 7 days after the date of pickup/delivery. *Terms & Conditions apply*

NOTE: This warranty is considered void if your bathroom does not have proper ventilation. According to building standards, every bathroom should have a functioning ventilation system to avoid abnormally high levels of humidity.

  • Golden Elite does not recommend the use of abrasive cleansers on any of its products. Abrasive cleansers will damage the cabinets, countertops, metal and glass finish of your vanity or bathroom furnishing.
  • For daily maintenance, use a wet cloth and a soft liquid cleaner.
  • Never use abrasives or cleansers containing acetone, chlorine, or strong bleach.
  • DO NOT use scrapers, metallic brushes, or other objects or products which can harm, graze or tarnish surfaces.
  • To maintain your granite or marble countertop it should be re-sealed every six (6) months. This will prevent cloudiness and/or permanent staining. Check with a qualified professional installer or stonemason for accurate recommendations. Re-Seal with a non-toxic seal only.
  • Any failure to adhere to these responsibilities may result in your warranty and pertinent coverage therein to be void.

NOTE: Golden Elite Deco Center | MGA Commodities Inc. reserves the right to refuse any return or exchange in the event it does not comply with the policy hereinabove. The terms & conditions of the return policy may change without prior notice.